Agribusiness Gippsland

Agribusiness is the integral connection involving all aspects of the value chain, that work towards the production, manufacture, distribution and retail components of food and fibre products and services.

To Agribusiness Gippsland Inc. (AGI) agribusiness includes all farming, fishing and forestry production, large, medium and small niche food and fibre manufacturing and the distribution, retailing, raw material suppliers, world class innovation and education facilities plus the vibrant small communities that underpin the sector. Finance and service providers are included and Federal, State and Local Governments are also key stakeholders in a vibrant agribusiness sector.

The agribusiness sector is important to Australia. It is a $155bn per annum value chain providing Australian’s with 1.6 million jobs. The sector earns $36bn per year in export revenue.

For the Gippsland Region agribusiness generates $6bn of the $15bn of gross regional production per annum. There are 6,500 farming families living in and contributing to small rural communities. Large, globally competitive food and fibre manufacturing operations choose Gippsland as their preferred site and the region also has many small niche manufacturers. 52% of Gippsland businesses are involved in agribusiness and the sector is underpinned by world class research and education centres.